THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE (Book written by Rick Warren)

It was March 2006. I received an e-mail invitation from an old acquaintance about a small group she and her husband were starting in their home. A group? Hmm…I like people, I thought. We were going to read. Oh…a book club! Oh, OK, I’m IN! I’ve always wanted to read with a bunch of people. It was going to be fun. We bring a dish to share. Eat. Chit chat a little. Read. Come back next week and do it all over again. By sheer coincidence, I already owned the book the “group” was going to read. It was the pretty purple one with the tree on the cover collecting dust – somewhere on my book shelf.  Ha. Little did I know…

Shortly after joining what I thought was just a “reading club”, I realized this was no ordinary group. We had begun reading a book that would transform our lives. And that was the beginning of many changes in my life.

 Memorizing scripture – I had never done THAT before. I don’t even recall opening a Bible, prior to this. The first ‘memory verse’ that was assigned by our study group was:

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

(Ephesians 2:10)

It took me just  ONE day of repeating the verse over and over to engrave it in my memory. It helped that I printed and placed it on my fridge and the back door of my home. I was determined and made it happen. That was then. These days, my memory holds many verses. Although I don’t always recall the correct “address” (chapter & verse number), situations bring forth a verse in my mind and they always help me to gain strength and wisdom.

“It’s not about you.” That’s the first sentence of the first chapter in the book. It encourages us to start living for God’s purpose and not our own. So many times, I had found myself trying to do the right thing and make the right choices, but I had always gone by what I believed to be ethical and proper. How does anyone know what God has intended for their life? Well, I’ve learned that you begin by talking with Him (through prayer) and reading His Word (the Bible) in order to understand who He really is and how He views life and everything in it. I believe that many people don’t realize what’s missing from their lives (or that anything IS missing) until the challenges become too overwhelming. Been there; done that!

It’s important to understand that there is an order to things. When we realize that we’ve gotten caught up in doing what WE want to do instead of what GOD wants us to do, the next step is to seek Him and be around people who do also.

After reading this book with my “book club”, I learned (among MANY other truths) that it’s never too late to start on the right path and that no person is so “far gone” that God won’t turn them or their circumstances around to good! Isn’t that a refreshing thought? Don’t we all want what’s best for our lives? How, then, could our very Creator not want that for us…and more?!! In the beginning, none of it makes sense. It’s like looking through the lens of a camera – as you focus, it becomes clearer and the details begin to reveal themselves. Clarity.

Ultimately, God calls us to Him; to do the “works” we have been purposed for.  We make the choice to answer…or not.



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