Off to a great start

Not really – that’s just me being sarcastic to mask my disappointment.

So far, I put toothpaste on the wrong toothbrush and put my shirt on backwards!  LOL  I’m laughing now, but inside it’s not looking so pretty.

Warning: Venting (aka whining) session forthcoming.

I’m the Queen of Optimism so don’t expect this often.  However, every now and then I have to let it out.  I have zero minutes on my cell phone, my gas tank is on E, we’re out of body wash so I showered with shampoo.  I’m tempted to return some shorts to the store that my mom gave me just so I can get cash.  Of course, I’d probably just get store credit because I don’t have a receipt…and I would probably run out of gas before making it to the gas station…and without any minutes left on my cell phone, I would end up walking home in the scorching heat – getting nothing accomplished!  Geez!!!

Have I mentioned how THIS ECONOMY SUCKS!  Sorry, I don’t usually use that word.  But it does! I know I’m not the only one struggling – just look at today’s big story: “Wall Street Meltdown.” No, I don’t follow financial news, nor do I know exactly what that means.  I just know it’s bad all over the place!

We might just be having ourselves a meltdown any day now if something doesn’t come through soon…and now I’m wondering why on earth I’m wanting to blog about this!  Do I really want to remember this 5 or 10 years from now?!

GOD, I KNOW you have something amazing in store for us!  No, we haven’t been as obedient as we should be and I know that there are millions of others out there that deserve it more than we do, but lately we’re really feeling the pressure.  We’re coming to you, seeking your guidance, anticipating, expecting, hopeful that you’re working things out and that this bump in the road is necessary.  I understand that without this, we couldn’t appreciate that future blessing.

Enough of the whining.

  • I’m grateful that I have a toothbrush, toothpaste, and running water to brush my teeth.
    by waihey on flickr

    by waihey on flickr

  • I’m grateful that I have a clean shirt to wear and that the shirt I chose to wear today came from someone I admire.

    by Vaguely Artistic on flickr

    by Vaguely Artistic on flickr

  • I’m grateful that I could take a warm shower.

    by petervanallen on flickr

    by petervanallen on flickr

  • I’m grateful that I own a cell phone and that although I can’t purchase a phone card at this time to refill it, at least I still have the use of my home phone.

    by Unkoine on flickr

    by Unkoine on flickr

  • I’m grateful that I have a car that got my kids to school this morning and that if I don’t have enough gas left in the tank to pick them up, my parents are just down the road so I can call them (grateful for them too!).

    by theres no way home on flickr

    by theres no way home on flickr

  • I’m grateful that you allow me stay home and be a mom.

    by Super*Junk on flickr

    by Super*Junk on flickr

  • I’m grateful that although I have what feels like a million things on my TO-DO list, I can pick and choose what to do next.

    by shaderlab on flickr

    by shaderlab on flickr

  • I’m grateful that although my hubby works hard during the week and carries the heavier load of providing for our family – financially, he still loves and honors us with Saturday dinners and Sunday breakfasts.

    by Rick Rack Attack! on flickr

    by Rick Rack Attack! on flickr

  • I’m grateful that even though you’ll probably come through at that 11th hour, we’ll glorify Your name and add it to our testimony that will help others get through their “bump in the road.”

    by sgs 1019 on flickr

    by sgs 1019 on flickr

There are many more other things for which I’m grateful.  Right now, I think I’m feeling better.  My hubby’s pancakes (leftover from yesterday’s breakfast) are in the microwave.  Today’s first load of laundry is waiting to be hung outside.  The bathroom door doesn’t know it yet, but it’s about to get a message painted on it.

It could be worse – A LOT WORSE.  Let’s see what today’s Daysie page says…




Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen is supposed to be thirteen things about me, but because this is my “first 13”, I would like to share with you (not in any particular order)…


1. New York Style cheesecake
2. Bible study
3. Crafts
4. Breakfast in bed (especially when made by my kids)
5. Taking pictures
6. Fonts (Check out
for FREE ones!)
7. Chinese food
8. Learning
9. When my daughter tells me she loves me all the way to God
10. Organizing
11. Flowers (more so when my honey brings them home)
12. Girlfriend time
13. Lists (of course!)

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Wordless Wednesday #1


My Mother-In-Law at age 16

‘Wordless Wednesday’

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I’ve been doing stuff…

The kids are on Summer Break and the every-day schedules are out the window!

Did I say how much I love ♥LOVE♥ loooove staying home with them?!?! Yeah, they can get on my nerves. They’re kids! But, I’m sooo happy I can spend time with them and not have to worry about leaving them with someone because I have to go someplace else to work. Not having a steady 2nd income is challenging (to say the least), but it’s worth it!

Let’s see, we have been…

  • sleeping in late,
  • watching lots of TV (I’ll need to get that under control before they get used to it),
  • making ATC’s together,
  • cleaning out closets,
  • moving furniture around,
  • playing,
  • eating junk food,
  • going to the movies,
  • and just enjoying each other!

My husband and I have signed up at a gym and we’ve started working out! The exercise classes are a lot of fun and get me sweating a little. I took a STEP class the other day and felt so uncoordinated! I tripped over myself several times and had to stop to get on the correct foot. I was all over the place. I’m sure the ladies behind me were getting a good laugh! The FREESTYLE DANCE class was a little better. I stayed way in the back and did fine!

Great news!!! We got a new fridge! Best Buy had a great deal on a display model and because it was a display unit we were buying they gave us a $150 gift card, which I used to purchase a new camera and some DVD’s for the kids!!! Yey!!!

I’m super excited to go from a 3.2 megapixel camera (Fuji FinePix – AWESOME camera, by the way!!!) to a 6.2 megapixel (HP Photosmart R727) with lots more features AND a rechargeable battery (looking forward to saving money on batteries)!

Back to the fridge.  Here’s our OLD one…

That doesn’t LOOK bad, except when you open it and see how HORRIBLE the door is on the inside. The seal was falling apart and I’ve had to crazy glue it a couple of times…

Now, here’s the NEW fridge! It has through-the-door water and ice…regular AND crushed!!! We’re all so excited to have a working freezer too!  Our old one kept melting our ice cream!

We love our freezer so much we’re having an ICE CREAM PARTY this weekend to celebrate! We decided we’re going to eat as much ice cream and frozen stuff as we can until we’re get SICK!!! HAHA OK, so that probably won’t happen, but it was a fun thought! I’ll have to share the party pics afterwards!

Anyway, I’ve also made a little time to make ATC’s. Here are some I should have already sent out to my swap partners on swap-bot, but for one reason or another they haven’t made it to their destination…

I think I did pretty good for a “newbie!”  I got some GREAT information from a website:

These are some I did recently for another swap – the challenge was to use JUNK MAIL!!!

The daysies quote for today is…


I feel so blessed to have rainbows connected to the few true friends that are in my life!


My first blog entry…WOOHOO! I don’t know why I’m excited, but I am! For a while now, I’ve been reading random blogs and have been entertained by the experiences others share. Way back when, I used to keep a journal, but my pen could never quite keep up with the thoughts in my brain. Blogging, I hope, will give me the much needed opportunity to vent. We’ll see where it goes. I hope anyone reading enjoys the journey…

Last night, I spent WAY more time than I should have on Photo Express altering a pic of myself…I LOVE digital photos and one day hope to learn PhotoShop and/or some other “advanced” photo-editing software. I take my camera everywhere I go! There aren’t too many pictures of myself in my photo folders so when I find one I like, my creative side kicks in and I can’t help but embellish it. One day maybe, I can look back on my pics and see improvement as I learn new techniques.

My DAYSIES calendar (from which I read a quote every day) reads today:

~Marie Ebner-Eschenback

HOW TRUE THAT IS!!! If we all knew then what we know now…HA!