My first blog entry…WOOHOO! I don’t know why I’m excited, but I am! For a while now, I’ve been reading random blogs and have been entertained by the experiences others share. Way back when, I used to keep a journal, but my pen could never quite keep up with the thoughts in my brain. Blogging, I hope, will give me the much needed opportunity to vent. We’ll see where it goes. I hope anyone reading enjoys the journey…

Last night, I spent WAY more time than I should have on Photo Express altering a pic of myself…I LOVE digital photos and one day hope to learn PhotoShop and/or some other “advanced” photo-editing software. I take my camera everywhere I go! There aren’t too many pictures of myself in my photo folders so when I find one I like, my creative side kicks in and I can’t help but embellish it. One day maybe, I can look back on my pics and see improvement as I learn new techniques.

My DAYSIES calendar (from which I read a quote every day) reads today:

~Marie Ebner-Eschenback

HOW TRUE THAT IS!!! If we all knew then what we know now…HA!