Lazy Day Activity

Thanks to Hurricane Fay, schools are closed today in my part of the world.  It was announced yesterday afternoon and late last night we decided our family would have a lazy day today.  The plan was to stay in our PJ’s all day and do nothing.

So, we slept in until 9am.  In between watching the weather on TV:  dad cooked up a yummy breakfast;  the boys put away clean laundry and played in their room;  my daughter vacuumed her room;  I cleaned up a bit around the house, vacuumed, and then decided to update our family chore chart.  So much for doing nothing!!!

You see, the kids went chore chart free for most of the summer.  Oh, but they were by no means chore free – I asked them to do things on an as needed basis.  With the start of school, I think it’s important to GET ORGANIZED and so now is the time to re-establish the structure to which they were accustomed.  I know…they’re just gonna love me!!!

Initially, I was going to use the Excel chart we had before and be done with it…

But, then I got sidetracked with e-mail and somehow ended up on where I got an idea for a new chore chart.  I figured since I was blessed with extra time today and God was generous to me by giving me the ability to manipulate pictures and work with my computer, I should put those skills to good use and come up with something useful for my family.  If I could afford it, I would buy the chore chart they sell because it looks like it would be fun and easy to use.  However, since funds and space are limited, but time (at least today) and printer ink are plentiful, I’m creating a new chore chart using a similar format.


MINE (so far)…

I spent some time looking for clipart and illustrations to go with the chores.  I used Excel to make boxes that will get cut out into cards, we’ll add velcro to the back so they stick to a board allowing us to change chores around as needed.  I think it will work for us.  I’ll report back once we’ve used it.

Today’s Daysie quote is:


I always say – DON’T COMPETE, COOPERATE!  Learn from others and share what you know so we ALL win!

Financial Freedom…here we come!

23I am so excited to have finished the Crown Financial study course my husband and I joined 11 weeks ago! God has opened our eyes to more than just properly handing our finances. We’re experiencing a new type of contentment that comes from understanding His richness – the kind that doesn’t necessarily have dollar signs attached. While “financial freedom” is still ahead for us, our savings thermometer is rising slowly, and the burden feels lighter with the tools He has provided as well as the support of the new (and closer) relationships with our Crown group members, Bible study family, and church.

My husband has developed new work contacts and has picked up some extra handy work. He’s also glad to be exercising more patience, and he’s even reading and hugging more often!!! (He’s not a hugger…LOL!) As for me, my organizational “talents” have been put to work for both God’s plan to bless others as well as for my professional growth. I’m in the process of securing part-time work to keep skills sharp and help with household finances. My faith and desire to draw closer to God (and please Him – no longer man, nor myself!) has been increasing. Our kids are also reaping the benefits from Crown, as we have started them on a giving/saving/spending plan that will enable them to become faithful stewards, eliminating the need to experience the same hardships their parents have been going through.

I highly recommend this study for everyone, regardless of where you are financially and where you are in your walk with God. It is a teaching that will provide many lifetime tools! Visit for information and check out You’ll find valuable instruction on both sites, helpful links, including calculators, printouts, and much more…ENJOY!

Today’s Daysies quote says:


Change is good! If you get overwhelmed by change, try taking baby steps and go at YOUR speed (not anyone else’s!!!)