Books, Camping, Buttons

What do these things have in common? Not a whole lot by themselves. But, they’re things that are happening in my life today.


  1. I have several to return to the library today.
  2. I started reading the book “Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman with my Friday night bible study group.
  3. I continue to read the Bible daily.
  4. I WON A BOOK!!! The ‘Christian Work At Home Moms’ site had a contest a couple of weeks ago and the winner or winners (I can’t recall if it was one or many that could win) would get the book titled: Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture” by Mary DeMuth. I don’t typically win anything I enter, so I’m excited about this!


  1. My boys went camping this week!
  2. For most of the week, our home will be boyless. Well, there’s the BIG boy, but you know what I mean! ūüôā Dad and I cannot wait to see them come home and hear about all the things they learned and experienced!!!


  1. I love to create and so I love crafts! When I received my newsletter from ‘Clean Home Journal’ and saw ‘Button Boy’, I had to share! It looks like a very simple project!
  2. Click HERE* for instructions on how to create him.

* 05.05.08:¬† Oh, oh!¬† I just realized this link is no longer active – sorry!¬† I’ll attempt to find that little ‘Button Boy’ wherever he’s hiding and post again.¬† Thanks for your patience!

* 08.29.09: I found Button Boy! But, he’s become a man! LOL¬† Check him out below, and click on his photo to view instructions on how to make him.


Button Man

Button Man



The JOY of getting stuff done!

It was a great day today –¬†very productive.¬† Let’s see, here’s what I did while Dad stayed home with the kids…

  • took a load of¬†paperwork to be shredded
  • stopped at the bank
  • visited a bookstore with a friend and her little boy
  • had lunch with them (that was nice)
  • bought some cleaning supplies and other stuff at the store
  • finished¬†some school supply shopping¬†

My plan was to workout after shopping with my girlfriend, but God must have wanted us to spend quality time together and I’m thankful we did.¬† So no workout today, but on Monday…it’s a¬†MUST!!!¬† Oh, and¬†Tuesday¬†I may go swimming.¬† That burns a lot of calories.¬† WOOHOO!!!

Anyway, in the evening¬†I picked up the rest of the¬†gang and…

  • went to a¬†birthday party for a friend and her hubby
  • washed and dried a load of laundry (1 down, a gagillion more to go! LOL)

I’ll say that was a beautiful start to the weekend!¬† THANK YOU, GOD, for blessing me today!!!

Within all of us lies…

I came across a quote on¬†elusivek’s blog – her entry was titled “Hope”.¬† What does this say to YOU?

“In the depths of winter,
I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer.”

~Albert Camus

This is deep.  I means so much more than it says Рat least to me it does!

I was curious to find out a little more about this Albert Camus and found out some things on Wikipedia:

  1. He was a French philosopher and author.

  2. He was the second¬†youngest recipient of¬†the Nobel Prize for Literature (Rudyard Kipling was the first – you may know Kipling’s¬†‘Jungle Book’).

  3. He was considered a “philosopher of the absurd” by some.

  4. He contracted tuberculosis at age 17, which impeded his soccer playing.

  5. Although he married and loved his wife, “he had argued passionately about the institution of marriage, dismissing it as unnatural” and was unfaithful numerous times.

  6. Made contributions to the movement against capital punishment, which earned him the Nobel Prize.

  7. In his essays, he emphasizes “the fact that happiness is fleeting and that the human condition is one of mortality. He did this not to be morbid, but to reflect a greater appreciation for life and happiness.”

  8. Died in 1930 in a car accident.

Read more about Albert Camus on Wikipedia…it’s interesting stuff.

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen is supposed to be thirteen things about me, but because this is my “first 13”, I would like to share with you (not in any particular order)…


1. New York Style cheesecake
2. Bible study
3. Crafts
4. Breakfast in bed (especially when made by my kids)
5. Taking pictures
6. Fonts (Check out
for FREE ones!)
7. Chinese food
8. Learning
9. When my daughter tells me she loves me all the way to God
10. Organizing
11. Flowers (more so when my honey brings them home)
12. Girlfriend time
13. Lists (of course!)

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Wordless Wednesday #1


My Mother-In-Law at age 16

‘Wordless Wednesday’

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